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La Papeterie Anglaise,
a service worthy of its exceptional products

Conveying strong human values and placing the customer at the centre of its priorities, this shop in the centre of Brussels skilfully blends historical authenticity with contemporary service.

A history of over 150 years

Papeterie Anglaise was established in 1872, more than 150 years ago. A lot has happened since then, both in the world and for this historic shop.

You may wonder why the name “La Papeterie Anglaise” was chosen. It is simply because when the shop opened, it did so in the building that used to house the British consulate.

Since those distant days, La Papeterie Anglaise has survived two world wars.

In 1960, Jacques Colinvaux took over this superb establishment, and since 1989, his son, Laurent, has been at the helm.

Façade de la Papeterie Anglaise

A place of renown and prestige

Thanks to its long history, La Papeterie Anglaise is known to all. In the beginning, customers were only received by appointment.

People came to make a few purchases and spend some time talking with various socialites.

Even today, it is not uncommon to come across famous people as well as a few crowned heads.


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